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PADMAWATI’s Business of HERBS & Herbal Products is a Wing of Padmawati group of Companies in Bareilly (U.P.), Haridwar & Dehradun (U.K.) working successfully in the field of Natural & Herbal produces of Our Country since 2005, like Medicinal Herbs, Organic Herbs, Natural Spices, Essential Oils & Herbal Powders, for both Veterinary & Human Pharmaceuticals in our region and all over the Country.

We are into Collection, Cultivation, Grading & Processing 0f Herbs & Spices along with a Decent range of Essential Oils in Best of their forms retaining their Important Molecular values. Our Company has always provided Good services to our valuable Consumers by supplying them Quality Products at Competitive Rates with Timely delivery & Durable packaging.

We at Padmawati strongly believe in Business on relations basis, as we provide the mandatory knowledge to our Collectors & Farmers about the quality of the products & Offer them a Fair price, so that they can promise a good quality materials to Us . And Simultaneously we always deal our Buyers fairly by supplying them Good products so that they may have Quality production out of it. By doing so we maintain a healthy relation with our suppliers & Consumers both, which has helped the Company to grow year after year.

Our Motto…
Good Quality, Durable Packing & Timely delivery of Material and to Cater all the respective demands of Our Buyers has been Our Main Motto through which we have proudly emerged as one of the fast growing Companies in the World of Medicinal Herbs, Organic Herbs, Essential Oils & Customized Herbal Powders form India and now we are ready to spread Our wings in the Global Market too.
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What's New
co2 extraction technology
We currently Offer a Range of Botanical Herbs, Organic Herbs, Essential Oils & Herbal Powders but very soon we shall expand Our range of Organic Raw Materials from Herbs to the Following in Future.
Organic Spices And Organic Fruits & Vegetables

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