About Our Company



Padmawati Herbs, established in the year 2005, a branch company of Padmawati group of businesses in Bareilly (U.P.) & Dehradun (U.K.), India is sincerely involved in collecting, sorting, packing & supplying of quality Natural products like Medicinal Herbs, Spices, Herbal & Aromatic Oils to our valued Consumers. We have been serving many reputed Herbal Manufacturers producing quality patient Products having a admirable share in their respective markets.


Our Strength

We strongly believe in learning & applying form of business, as since the time we started we have been constantly learning more & more about this vast field of Herbal world having such effective results since generations in our Country & around the World.

We have a clean & systematic way of procuring & storing all the products in our Ware Houses situated at Bareilly, Sahranpur & Dehradun in Northern part of India & few more coming up in other parts of the Country too. Built in large areas these Ware Houses are Equipped & have storage facilities for a Vast range of products in an Moisture, Pests & Rodents free environment, so that the products retain their very Natural & Molecular Richness, there by enabling us to satisfy Our Buyers requirement of Good Quality.

We have a team of experts working selflessly with our company to maintain the quality which has always been Our main Motto. We further give importance to the appropriate packaging of the Products so that their tastes, Freshness & Medicinal Values stays intact for a longer period of time.

We have been dealing in Pure & clean form of Natural herbs, Spices & Oils having their best of Medicinal values & procuring them from their very resources, so that they may help in enhancing the quality of Medicines/products being manufactured through them for the betterment of our Society & the whole Mankind.


What We Do?

We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as cultivators, processors & Suppliers  of following products used in Pharmaceuticals, Health Food, Perfumery Cosmetics, Food, Dietary Supplement and other Industries :

• Botanicals  Like Herbs & Spices.
• Standardized Herbal Extracts.
• Natural, Essential & Medicinal Oils.
• Spices & Spice Oils.
. Agricultural & Fodder Products.