Salam Panja, Hatta Haddi (Dactylorhiza Hatagirea).

Salam Panja1 Salam Panja2 Habitat:

Dactylorhiza Hatagirea is found in many parts of Himalayun regions of India.


It is locally called ‘Salam Panja‘ or ‘Hatta Haddi‘. It is called ‘Panchaule’ (पाँचऔंले) in Himalayan regions. The name ‘Panchaule‘ (meaning 5 fingered hand) arises from its root resembling fingers of hand with around 3-5 fingers. It is an erect perennial herb with long flowering stems. The plant is well known for its medicinal value. The root has sweet taste.

Medicinal Uses:

The Juice extracted from tuber is used as tonic and also used for the treatment of pyorrhea (inflammation of the gum & teeth). Root paste is externally applied as poultice on cuts and wounds and extract is given in intestinal disorders. The term Hatta Haddi is probably coined because it is used for treating bone fractures.