Baheda (Terminalia Bellirica)


Baheda a medicinal tree is grown all over the India.


It is a large deciduous tree found throughout India. The tree takes a height of 30 meters; bark is brownish grey in color. It is known as vibhitaki, karshaphala and kalidruma in Sanskrit and bahera in Hindi. The leaves fall down in the month of February and new leaves come, the flowers blossom till the month of May and fruits ripe by January or February of the next year

Medicinal Uses:

Behada is said to be most effective on kapha and beneficial for eyes & eye diseases, increases hair, cures soreness of throat, nose problems, purifies blood, throat diseases, cough, heart disease, anemia, jaundice, white “Lep” rosy and destroys germs. In case of stomach disorders it is unique beneficial over other medicines to strengthen the stomach. The seeds of Behada fruit are bitter, quench thirst, control vomiting, remove vata and cures bronchitis. The skin of the fruits cures kapha and it is especially effective in case of throat and respiratory problem. Its seeds reduce pain and swelling, but excess quantity causes vomiting.